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World Congress of Wilderness and Mountain Medicine
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Fall 2016 Combined Elective in Emergency Medicine & Wilderness Medicine EMER.8130.NYP
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Cornell Wilderness & Environmental Medicine
Founded in 2005, Cornell Wilderness & Environmental Medicine is a joint collaboration between Cornell Outdoor Education, New York-Presbyterian Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine, and Weill Cornell Medical College. Our goal is to apply the highest academic standards to education, research, and training in austere conditions. Our scope includes all members of the University and Hospital community—undergraduates, medical students, residents, pre-hospital and mid-level providers, nurses and physicians. Through student and resident electives, CME courses, EMS workshops, and research collaborations, we seek to broaden medical care beyond the walls of our institution. Our range of practice includes humanitarian disaster response, best practice field guidelines, and policy research of environmental degradation upon human health.

We also have a strong relationship with the recognized academic body in the field, the Wilderness Medical Society, as well as the Wilderness Medicine sections of ACEP and SAEM.
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